Grow Your Business With Social Media.

Grow your business with social media: here’s how.

Do you want to grow your brand? You have to be able to get the attention of the right people at the right time.

How to achieve this? How do you appear in the searches of the public who may be interested in your business, product or brand? The roads are many.

Advertisements on Google. SEO content. Proper social media marketing activity.

Today we focus on the last of the answers and look at how building a community on social media is the right key to growing your business.

So let’s see how to achieve this result.

What will you read?

Grow Your Business With Social Media: Choose The Right Channel For You.

The choice of the social network on which to be present is fundamental.

You can only be present on some social networks and do it correctly for each channel.

So you have to choose well.

The choice must start from carefully analyzing the audience you want to reach and understanding where it is and which channel it prefers.

If you want to address a professional audience, perhaps TikTok is not the right channel. Just as if your brand is aimed at a very young audience and you offer products for them, perhaps LinkedIn is not the right choice.

So? Analyze your audience and figure out where to find them.

How can you do it?

Start by asking who is already your customer and who could be.

Search, using suitable tools, where are the “discussions” concerning your activity niche.

Search the various groups on Facebook.

Look at what your competitors are doing, what platforms they have chosen and try to understand why they have opted for those channels.

A source of data is also the various online reports that tell the trends of the various platforms.

Have you found your audience? Do you understand which social network to use? Well.

Now you need to learn how to use it properly.

You need to understand which content attracts the most followers, which content works best in terms of engagement and how you can use it with your brand.

Optimize Your Presence

After identifying the channels to be present, you need to build and optimize your brand profiles to attract an audience.

Choose a professional photo, logo or video. If you want to attract a professional audience, maybe the picture of you drunk on your friend’s birthday isn’t the best choice.

Ensure the photo you are uploading is the correct size and is clear and recognizable.

Use the same image on all your profiles so that your target quickly and easily recognizes your pages.

In your profile description and bio, use keywords that you are sure your audience will use and research.

Remember to enter all the information necessary to contact you and remember to add links to your site, any landing pages and other social profiles you have.

Grow Your Business With Social Media: Post At The Right Time.

You’ve heard it a thousand times already: there is no magic moment to post. There is no precise time to publish your content to make it go viral or get high engagement rates.

The right time varies depending on the industry, your niche, the platform you are using and the audience that follows you or you want to reach.

To understand your right moment, use the analysis tools and insights provided by social media, look at what your competitors are doing, and look for information to understand when your audience connects the most. Collect data and information and test. There is no other way and no magic formulas to discover the right time to publish.

Your Presence? Steady, Consistent And With A Goal.

Being present is not everything.

Just as it is optional to publish several times a day.

You can post 3 posts daily but have yet to receive a response from your audience.

The reason? You don’t offer value or post useful or inspiring content.

Try to be constant in your publications but do it with one goal: to convey value to your followers. Only then will you get results and attention.

Ask your followers which content they like best. For example, use polls in Instagram Stories.

Read the insights carefully to understand which content works best and which content your followers prefer.

Also, this time, we advise you to look carefully at what your competitors do and publish to understand which types of content they focus on.

Be consistent with your brand’s idea and the sector in which you operate.

If you offer a professional service (for example, a consultancy), there are better ways to promote yourself than posting pictures of kittens or children to grab some links.

Grow Your Business With Social Media: Build Relationships With Your Audience. 

Remember: social media is not a one-way communication channel.

Your presence on social media serves, first of all, to get to know and talk to your audience. It’s not for selling anything.

Reply to comments, watch their content, comment on them, answer their questions, and intervene in their conversations.

This pledge demonstrates your interest.

Find ways and time to answer their questions quickly. On social media, people expect a very fast response time.

Only with commitment and showing real interest in what your followers do will you build lasting relationships that will transform your followers and customers into supporters and ambassadors of your brand.…